Every year, the city of Halifax holds placemaking projects to celebrate and explore a neighbourhood’s unique identity while connecting residents and creating welcoming places in the community. 
A group of young families on Roslyn Road wanted to create an art piece that brought the community together and reminded motorists that young children live in the neighbourhood. I was brought on to design the 7 ft mural in collaboration with the residents through neighbourhood brainstorming meetings. The community wanted to highlight the themes of play, music, sport, nature and Canada in the design.
On a (mostly) sunny August day, residents of all ages gathered to make the street painting a reality. Some residents who have lived on the street for over twenty years got to know each other for the first time and lasting friendships were made.
Here is a time lapse video of the street painting.
Special thanks to Meaghan Dalton from Halifax Community Development and 
Don Doiron of Roslyn Road, who led and organized the project.

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