Lizane Tan is a freelance graphic designer specializing in branding, lettering, business launching, illustration and print design for SMEs businesses in Montreal, Québec as well as the Maritimes.
I believe everyone's got a story worth telling.
Intuition and a genuine curiosity for people, places, and things are what fuel my design process. I love getting to know the humans behind the businesses I work with, asking interesting questions, and bringing their narratives to life in visual form. 
Growing up in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines and moving to Nova Scotia’s serene coasts nourished my interest in the world and the ways we all move through life. NSCAD University’s Graphic and Fashion Design programs became the foundation for my practice. A continuous love of learning then led me to an internship with Design Anthology magazine in Hong Kong (2017) and an intensive type and lettering workshop with Ken Barber at Cooper Union, NYC (2019).
Today, I work from my home studio in Montréal to bring playful problem solving, international work experience, and a collaborative approach to every project. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from Asia, North America, and Europe, and am currently open to creative projects anywhere. 
As we are more than the sum of our parts, when I’m not at my desk, you can find me practicing yoga, working as a flight attendant in the winters, or taking walks in the woods.

5 random things I believe in
— Breakfast for dinner is an underrated pleasure.
— Thoughtful design can bring us to a kinder world.
— Life is short, but not that short. Enjoy it.
— It’s hardly ever a bad idea to go to the beach.
— What is meant for you will never be lost to you.
this one’s from my Dad… and apparently Bob Marley)

5 dream projects
— Designing an album / novel cover
— Art directing an editorial shoot
— Branding and packaging for a café or restaurant

— Creating a large scale mural in my community
— Illustrating a line of wallpaper and textiles

Let's talk.
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My friend, Alex Tapia took this photo.
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